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Three Cheers for Early Adopters!


thank-you February 22nd, marks the high water mark of my writing career thus far. On February 22nd, not quite a week ago now, The Gooseyard and I attained a record five “Followers.”

While, obviously, this accomplishment is not all that impressive numerically, the significance of this discerning fifth follower remains indisputable. Of my first four followers, two were actually friends from my local writers’ group. With a fifth follower, however, I can now boast more followers who are not known — or related — to me than are! That’s critical mass, baby!

And then, on February 23rd, along came yet another! This means I now have twice as many followers who I don’t know (yet) than I do know. Thanks to all of you who took the leap and clicked the “Follow” button. (Even in those cases where it might have been mainly in the hopes of generating some additional traffic to your own site. A win’s still a win, right?)

Until I hit the “public” sharing button on my blog nearly a month ago, and not including the mind-numbingly copious e-mails and memos I strew into the ether everyday at work, the only folks who had ever seen (or heard me read) my “creative” writing consisted of the judges of the various writing contests I’ve entered in the past few years and the on-again, off-again members of my local writing group. The latter were encouragingly receptive, the former, not so much. (At least I’m assuming the judges weren’t all that receptive given that I never heard back from any of them.)

Still, as excited as I am that a handful of complete strangers have enjoyed my early output enough to actually become my “Followers” – that sounds strangely egomaniacal somehow, doesn’t it? – the blogosphere remains a place of some consternation for me. It’s great fun, for instance, and a nice creative outlet, but, holy crap, it’s a bit of a time sink, isn’t it? Not only writing the entries, but sitting around for hours on end staring at that damn “Stats” page and waiting for the counter to record your next visitor. I haven’t had a single hit yet today, for example, and it’s driving me nuts. Clearly I’m a bit of a “Newbie”, but seriously (OK, not really seriously), this is what doing crack must be like. Just one more hit and I can die happy! And who the hell was that visitor I had from Singapore the other morning? The mind boggles. Heady days, indeed.

What do you think intrepid Followers? Is this blog stuff really worth the effort?



  1. tomcmarshall says:

    Okay I just posted my blog post. Now I’m going to see how I can find a follow button.


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Philster999 says:

    You find it and I’ll give ya a follow. I promise. PJ

  3. bronxboy55 says:

    Definitely worth it, Phil, if for no other reason than it will keep you writing. As your following grows, you’ll start to feel that pressure that comes with knowing there are people waiting.

    Also, bloggers are much nicer than judges.

  4. Ohdeerestme says:

    I so agree. Damn you stats page! You are sucking my life!

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