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The Pause that Refreshes…


The Trans-Canada Trail (Philip Jefferson)

Hey Gang. Hope you had fun with the short story I posted earlier this week. Just wanted to let you know I’ll be pretty much offline ’til early next week as this weekend we’ll be “all present and accounted for” at my son’s end-of-season hockey tounament.

Stay tuned though, I’m already well underway with my next let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may diatribe provisionally entitled “Toward a Civil Sociey; or, Just Because You Have Your Four-Way Flashers On Doesn’t Mean You Can Park Anywhere You Want, You Dick!”

You picking up what I’m laying down here?

Have a good one.



  1. Tom Marshall says:

    What would the second title sound like in Latin? I look forward to the new rant.

  2. bronxboy55 says:

    I look forward, too, Phil. Meanwhile, I hope the tournament goes well.

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