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Buycott all you like (as long as you keep buying)…

Why “doing the right thing” isn’t always as easy as it looks…


Our days are defined by thousands of compromises. Moments when we act in violation of our ethics for the sake of convenience: we drive alone instead of taking public transit, we order books from Amazon instead of supporting a local shop, we buy genetically modified crops harvested by mistreated workers, and so forth. The challenge as we prepare to go to sleep each night is to determine whether the number of compromises we have made has actually compromised us as people – for we will have to wake up and do it all again the next day.

People’s qualms with this condition break through, as the frustration of this daily internal humiliation forces the occasional outburst. At moments such as these it is easy to find specific targets in which to invest mythical levels of power so that they can be tarred as the source of our problems (even as…

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